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Saturday, March 24, 2012

die Frühjahrsmüdigkeit!

die Frühjahrsmüdigkeit It's been spring for five days, and I have spring fever. Not the usual case of it, where I feel so frisky I want to bounce out of bed early, go outside, run around in the grass, play loud music. This year, I've got that peculiarly German form of spring fever, die Frühjahrsmüdigkeit. That's more like spring tiredness.

I went to a German site to get some tips for overcoming this torpor I can't seem to shake. I should've known better. Suggestions: take cold showers, take a trip to the mountains, exercise, clean the house, eat chocolate. Leave it to the Germans! As a people, they are unfailingly efficient, orderly, and energetic. You have die Frühjahrsmüdigkeit? No, no, don't take a nap! Take a cold shower and get on with it!

Well, I'm not German, and I'm too darned tired for any of those things, except the eating chocolate one. I think I'll have a Snickers bar and go to bed.



Today was the third annual Author Fair at the Springfield Central Library. I LOVE walking a block or two to a nice event that doesn't cost anything....it's one of the perks of living downtown. (I've only filled my gas tank once since September!) So over I went.

The beautiful library rotunda was filled with tables, behind which sat local authors with copies of their books, their business cards, and whatever other items they wanted to display. Randy Purinton had articles and research materials pertinent to his Civil-War-era non-fiction book, It Hasteth Away, Husein Muhammad had rocks painted to look like the ones in his children's book The Man, Blanche Jackson-Hill had lollipops and Monopoly money for Straight to the Point Financing, Gerry Garner had beautiful bonsai.

Ms. Garner--GGGG, she calls herself, for Great-Grandmother Gerry Garner--was so vivacious and interesting, I talked to her for over half an hour. Her book, Generations Build the Future: Positives Needed Now! is a collection of life lessons from people across the age spectrum. (I feel I'm not doing the book justice by my description, but I've yet to read it!)

Gerry Garner recently started a group for authors, and I intend to join it. I'm hoping some of her energy will rub off on me. She's trim, petite, old enough to be a great-grandmother, but incredibly vigorous. She really packs a lot in a small package. Come to think of it, kind of like her bonsai.

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