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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Singing Christmas Trees

My son's girlfriend is a dancer, just out of college and looking for a hot job. For the last couple of summers, she worked more than full time at Six Flags. Part of her job involved an endlessly repetitive dance routine. When she wasn't dancing, she was being sawed in half by a magician. The box she had to crawl into was pretty small, and most of the time she had dark bruises on her skin from squeezing into it. I'd have to say she's quite a trouper.

Right now Lindsay's teaching in a dance studio and going to lots of auditions. Her dream job at this point would be working at Disneyworld or on a cruise ship. She usually gets pretty far into the auditions, she says, but invariably gets cut after the singing part.

So I thought of Lindsay when, walking through Macy's the other day, I saw these three young ladies dolled up as Christmas trees. L should be able to handle this job if she wants it next year. Having the nerve to do a song-and-dance routine in the heart of New York city while wearing this getup is apparently key...actual vocal talent a distant second.

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