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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bad Poetry: Attorney-Gate

This blog is starting to write itself! I've been offered another candidate for bad poetry, and it's Tuesday, so I'll post it. For those who don't keep up with the news (and shame on you), just enjoy the rhyme and meter. It's actually pretty good poetry, from housewife turned political pundit Carla Binion, commenting on an article by P. M. Carpenter called "All the Presidents' Stonewallers." (The article can be found at http://www.smirkingchimp.com/thread/6365):

Alberto Gonzales and Monica Goodling Clam Up To Further American Justice
By Carla Binion

We're Gonzales and Goodling. We're with Justice.
Though we've likely lied, you ought to trust us.
Law's our business. That's no myth,
Though Goodling plans to take the fifth.
Our fate won't be the same as Scooter's
In spite of those fired prosecutors.
If we just clam up, you'll never bust us,
And justice will fail, 'cause we're with Justice.

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More Annoying Cockador Behavior

Lately, every time I go into my upstairs bathroom, the throw rugs are jumbled around. By process of elimination, I figured it was the dog doing it, but I wasn't actually catching her in the act. But then I became aware of occasional frantic scritching noises as I sat at my desk in the loft. Sure enough, when I moved fast enough I found her pawing wildly at the bedroom carpet. That explained the frequent deep scratches in the pile, the disarrayed fringe and the flipped corners.

If Taz is attacking the rugs out of boredom, we're at an impasse. She already gets more exercise, attention and company than any dog I know. Punishing her is not my style, and playing with her even more seems like a reward for making a mess. Savvy cyberreaders, help!

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