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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Rocket Dog

Serendipity is going into a shoe store with a credit for $34.95, looking for a pair of Rocket Dog flats, and finding one Rocket Dog shoe in the entire store, and it comes in your size, and it costs $34.95.

Rocket Dog is a California-based brand started by a couple of guys who liked the beach, one of whom had a dog that liked to run around, very fast. The last pair I had was so well-loved that I was practically at the point of having to tie a string around each one to hold it on my foot by the time I threw them out.

I like them because they are not made with any kind of dead animal. Also, they are very light and totally comfortable. The soles are thin and flat flat, instead of pointing upward at the toe like elf shoes, which is what most shoes these days look like. They come in a color which is not annoying. I hope to be wearing these until they are as "well-loved" as the last pair.

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