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Sunday, October 26, 2008

What I Had for Lunch Today: Brie and Grape Omelet

I thought an omelet would be nice today for a kind of Sunday brunch. I had some brie which was getting too hard to spread on crackers, so brie omelet it was. Fruit is nice with brie....I thought about frying up a Golden Delicious apple I had bought the other day, but someone had already eaten it. There's a little grocery store around the corner from me which always has apples, but cooking for me is about working with limitations, so I didn't bother. What I did have to work with, still left in the fruit bowl, were grapefruits, bananas, serrano chilies, and a couple of bunches of shriveled red grapes.

Now, nobody in my household (except me) would touch those grapes, but what people don't realize is that fruit is often most tasty when it's overripe. These grapes, halfway to becoming raisins, were incredibly sweet. I quartered them and sautéed them in butter a bit, put them aside and cooked two eggs in the same pan. When the eggs were almost set, I lay thin slices of the brie on top, added back the grapes, and flipped the omelet in half. I've got chives growing wild in my grass, and flat-leaf Italian parsley in my pots, so I chopped a bit of each with some fresh rosemary and fried it up a bit, then drizzled it over. All my yummy sperlonga was gone, so I pan-fried a stale roll in butter instead. I challenge anybody, anywhere, to make a more delicious omelet than this one.

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