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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Diary February 24 1960: Kathy Enters a Fabian Contest As a Beatnik

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"Dear Diary--

I have decided to see "Operation Petticoat" Saturday, with Gilda. I just found out that John and David aren't coming during the vacation....I made toast & scrambled eggs in cooking--quite good, especially with syrup--in cut glass pitchers, yet!...Imagine, Miss Pride has won a second prize gold medal for volleyball in the Olympics!!!
Test in gym today, I got a B or a C, I can't find my Social, I don't know if it will turn up or not, but we'll see. Kathy's joining a Fabian contest, by the way, can't you just see her as a beatnik, long dark hair, dark glasses, black tights, black flats, long yellow & black shirt!!!"

Miss Pride was our gym teacher. I have no recollection of her having been an Olympic medalist. Shame on me for hating and fearing gym so much when obviously I had a very competent instructor. It amazes me, looking back, how excellent and dedicated all of my teachers were. Many had Master's degrees or Ph.Ds (worth much more in the 60s than now). Too bad I was more interested in Operation Petticoat, Fabian, and what kind of pitcher the syrup was being served in.