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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Donada Truck Equals Trouble

Well, today the bill came for the windshield that got smashed by ice sheeting off of a truck on Rt. 91 in Connecticut. We had pulled alongside the truck and motioned to the driver, pointing to the windshield and to the top of his truck. He looked right over and could see we were in trouble, and I'm sure he understood that he had been the cause of it. He pulled off at the exit that was just coming up; we followed him, thinking he was going to stop and take responsibility and maybe try to help us. But in fact I think he was just trying to get away. We exited as well, but he just speeded up and kept going.

I had snapped a couple of pictures of the side of the truck, and the driver was recognizable in the shots. The name of the trucking company was painted on the side: Donada, plus the name Donald LaChapelle, Lincoln, R.I. I got a phone numbers: (401) 769-9811. I called and did reach Mr. LaChapelle, but he was extremely defensive. He insisted that he had had no trucks in the state of Connecticut that day, and that he had cleaned all the ice off of the tops of his trucks. WTF?

I gave all the information to the insurance company, but wasn't too hopeful. Not too many people these days will do the right thing if it ends up costing them. Especially if your name is "Donada" (do nada: get it?).

What goes around, comes around. Mr. LaChapelle's hell won't be fire, in any case, if it comes to that. It'll be ice.

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