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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What I Had for Lunch Today: French Toast

Sometimes I like to have breakfast for lunch. I bought Portugese rolls on purpose for this. I had to let them sit around for three or four days to get properly stale. Today they were ready.

French toast, in France, is called pain perdu: "lost bread." It's what you do with leftover bread too hard to eat.

I like my French toast very soft and custardy. I slice a roll on the diagonal so the pieces are as big as possible. I mix one egg, around a cup of milk, a splash of vanilla and some cinnamon and sugar and dip the bread in it. You could use plain cinnamon, but it tends not to want to mix in liquid, forming instead a slimy scum. The sugar helps to distribute it.

I cook the slices in some melted butter in a hot spider, turning once. I ate this with maple syrup, a couple of veggie sausage patties, and an apple.

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