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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Diary March 20, 1960: Darn, Kathy's Got Her Spell on Me Again

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"Dear Diary--

What am I going to do? Here it is, Sunday night, and Monday I should have my science project,--...I guess I'll just tell them the truth, but I hope Gilda is around, anyway....

Aunt Julia's today, and Aunt Jean's, too (Jo & Jasiu gone). I painted part of Marc's beagle, ate ice cream, popcorn, cookies, played the piano....

I have to see 'A Dog of Flanders,' 'The Miracle of Saint Thérésé' & one that's playing at the Arcade. I can't remember the name.

Darn, Kathy's got her spell on me again...I just can't be mad at her, I keep thinking about how wonderful 'Girl's Town' was with her. But, I like Gil a lot more."

Note to self: next time you try throwing your intellectual weight around, please remind yourself that once upon a time you routinely did things like blow off a science project to paint part of a beagle, eat popcorn, ice cream, and cookies, play the piano, and plan not one but a whole string of forgettable movies to attend with money you borrow from yourself. AND, you have no clue where to put the accents in French words, or which accents go where. Tu devrais avoir honte!

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