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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pointy Turkish Shoes

Turkish shoes
I know, I know....I'm broke. But today's my "birthday" (long story; I'm actually a boring Capricorn), and female + birthday = shoes. In my case, cruel, pointy shoes.

I recently discovered a little shop run by a throaty-voiced woman named Tanya. She's got the pointiest shoes in town, and I vowed to go back on the flimsiest excuse, so this morning found me there. I'm a European size 37, and there were plenty of 37s to choose from, one more evil than the next. Unfortunately, they all looked better in the box than on my foot, or else they looked great but felt as painful as they looked. I had just about talked myself out of a purchase when Tanya emerged from behind a wall and in her husky, exotically-accented voice suggested a particular style in a size 38. They are made in Turkey, she told me, as if that explained why a 38 fit perfectly.

Tanya was on the money. They were pointy, comfortable, flattering. She was pleased, I was pleased, and I hope the shoes are pleased. Happy birthday to me!

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