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Saturday, March 24, 2007

This Toto Is Not From Kansas

Tonight I went up to Montague for a film screening. Bridge of Names, made last year as a short, turned out quite well in the opinion of the producers, so they decided to expand it to feature length. Cast, crew, and potential investors were invited to view it in the original version. The remaining scenes are scheduled to be shot in May and August of this year.

Liz Foley and Peter Hobbs, makers of the film, are known collaboratively as Elyria Pictures. Liz is a Smith alum and Pete a Hampshire alum. They teach film at the New York Film Academy, but make pictures around here so they have an excuse to come back. The screening was held at Marina Goldman's home, a spacious Victorian with a wide-screen TV.

We had wine, we had cheese, we had chitchat, and then we had the screening. After the film, our hostess, Marina, had something she wanted to show everyone. A Japanese toilet named Toto.

The "Neorest" model from Toto does everything but pee for you. That panel on the wall is what you use to program it. You can turn the various automated features on or off.

As you step up to the toilet, it senses whether you are a man or a woman, and raises either the lid or both the lid and the seat. The seat heats if you want it to. When you're done, a stream of aerated water washes you, and warm air dries you. When you stand up, the toilet flushes itself and the lid closes.

It was impressive, I guess, but it didn't make me want to rush out and buy one. I'm reserving judgment on the film as well.

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