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Friday, March 11, 2011

Diary March 11, 1960: What's Your Name, Chick?

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"Dear Diary
Such fun tonight! Kathy & I went to the Phillips to see 'Girls' Town' with Paul Anka. We sat in the first row, and then a boy came along and said to me, "What's your name, Chick?"
Gilda's party tomorrow. I know it'll be fun. (I practiced with chopsticks ((on ice cream))).
Tina has decided to turn Catholic. Next Saturday I'll bring her with me."

The Phillips Theater was at the "X" in Springfield, about three-quarters of a mile away from my house. It became the Cinema X later on, showing art films and soft porn. As the Phillips, it was second-run and B movies for about 25 cents. Kathy and I mostly went there or to the Bing, the two theaters we could walk to. We always sat in the front row.

"Girls' Town" is a movie starring Mamie Van Doren as the bad girl sent to Catholic reform school, Mel Tormé (as a gang leader!), and other randomly-casted actors and singers of the late 50's. IMDB gives it a 2.6. You have to work hard to make a movie that bad. I wish I could get a hold of it and watch it again.

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