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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Perfect Caffè Latte

I celebrate most mornings with coffee--in a glass because the preparation is very beautiful. I don't call it a "latte" for short because--as has been pointed out to me by persons in the know--that will get you a cup of plain milk in Italy. I don't call it a "cappuccino" because I add the coffee to the milk and not vice versa, and I don't want the purists coming down on me for that, either.

I warm the milk and foam it up using a little battery-operated wand bought at Ikea for $1.99. I make the coffee in a one-cup Bialetti moka pot which I've had for years. (Moka is like espresso except made with less steam and pressure.) I use Café Bustelo ($2.50 for a brick at the bodega around the corner). If money were no object, I'd use Illy.

I pour the coffee into the milk....the slower you pour it, the less it mixes. I sprinkle cinnamon and sugar plus a bit of raw sugar on top. If you're careful, you can mix it up--after admiring the design--without spoiling the nice sugar crust.

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