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Sunday, November 16, 2008

What I Had for Lunch Today: Russian Meal

Fabulous Mattunes concert today...Tamara Volskaya and her husband Anatoliy Trofimov from New York City, playing Russian folk instruments. She plays domra, a type of lute, and he plays bayan, a type of accordion. They're among the most accomplished musicians in the world today, comfortable at Lincoln Center or Carnegie Hall, NPR or a tour of Japan, but seemingly delighted to be in Maggie and Greg's living room in Springfield, Massachusetts, playing for a crowd of about thirty.

For a change I was somewhat on time, and Greg didn't have to put a plate aside for me. I helped myself to Beluga lentil "caviar" hors d'oeuvre, deviled eggs, rye bread from a Russian store on the west side, served with butter and salt, pickles...and I was washing the last of it down with Kvas when I realized I hadn't photographed it. Oh, well. Here's a shot of the fruit tart we had for dessert.



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