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Thursday, September 18, 2008

What I Had for Lunch Today: An Asian Meal

Thursday is as relaxed at the Emory House as Tuesday and Wednesday is rushed. It's a good day to cook, especially if I've had a crumby lunch the day before.

Last night I was given a book of Asian vegetarian cooking to present to my daughter. I was flipping through it, and that made me hungry for Asian food. So here's what I made:

Deep-fried tofu (I use extra-firm for this) with a sauce made of peanut butter thinned with some hot water, a splash of light soy sauce, and a few drops of toasted sesame oil. Sweet potato strips (made with a vegetable peeler) deep-fried in the same oil when the tofu's done. Swiss chard steamed with just a bit of water, oil, and soy sauce. (Toasted sesame oil is good on this, too. It should be added at the end, not cooked.) Lo mein noodles cooked and then tossed in a sauce made from vegetable bouillon, soy sauce, hot chili sauce, ginger, sugar and sesame oil. I served this with ginger tea.



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