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Monday, March 26, 2007

Ladies Who Lunch

I didn't start out having a get-together today. My actress friend M and I were going to meet for coffee. I suggested my house, and upped the ante to lunch since she was coming all the way from Northampton. Then my high school pal Alma called and I invited her to join us. And then Lorna, another high school friend, called. She happened to be in Springfield, and I told her a party was shaping up, so over she came.

I made urad dal, which I've had on the brain since sampling it last week. A platter of Persian-style rice and some sautéed spinach to go with it. Tea and cranberry-lemon scones for dessert.

M and Alma and Lorna pulled out pictures of their kids and complimented one another on the beauteousness of their daughters and the handsomeness of their sons. I didn't need pictures--I called Ali and Amir and lined them up in the kitchen for inspection.

M had just scored an audition for the Showtime series Brotherhood. She practiced her lines, and we gave her input. Lorna chattered about her three weeks in Florida. Alma and I related our recent adventure in Chinatown on the set of the "Untitled Blackjack Picture." Lorna marvelled that she had eaten beans, which she supposedly hates. Alma begged a few scones for a friend. Everybody wanted the recipe for the rice. Taz ran through her tricks and waited for food to drop.

At this point in my life, I think I'm spoiled for a 9-to-5 office job. I work hard, but I'm totally flexible. Nothing stops me from sitting up in my loft and writing all night. So I always have time for ladies who lunch.

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