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Monday, March 19, 2007

Noho Snow

Northampton Screenwriting Group met tonight, as scheduled. The snow that started falling just as the meeting began was right on schedule, too. Every single one of these meetings I've attended this year has been on a snow day.

Tonight we workshopped Wade Wofford's full-length screenplay, Stringers. I've become the reader of choice for stage directions. As such, I have the most to read, which is o.k. The more you read, the more interesting the work is. Sitting and listening, especially without a copy of the screenplay in front of you, is confusing and boring. Feedback was plentiful and to the point. Wade brought along some Portugese dessert wine, which was cool.

Ezra LeBank was at the meeting, all happy because his play Fresh Air, which we read a couple of months ago in group, is being produced soon, at Thorne's in Northampton. It would be interesting to watch the performance, as he's got only three actors playing all the roles, on purpose. Sort of like The Wizard of Oz, I guess.

I'm on tap for May 28, which date will have to be changed, because that's Memorial Day and I'm sure no one will be around. Still, I'm going to force myself to stick to a date sometime close to that. I'm a procrastinator who needs a little pressure to produce. I wonder if it will be snowing on that day?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

no one ( or noone)

8:54 PM  
Blogger Cicily Corbett said...

wow...somebody is paying attention! to typos, anyway. now if i could just get a few more people to make substantive criticisms, i'd have some clue if my ramblings resonate for anyone in the blogosphere. anyway, thanks, anonymous. i hate making mistakes.

10:19 PM  

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