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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Diary March 1, 1960: I Touch a Five Hundred Dollar Tea Pot!

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"Dear Diary,
Today I went downtown with Gilda. I bought a puzzle, some nuts, a charm engraved C.C. & P.A.. Also a shamrock for myself, and one for Gilda. And Leslie's surprize (I have hidden it).
I showed the wallet to Tina, and she liked it, and said Gilda would. (She has a 102 fever.
Well well, an improvement. Bed at 10:15 today. Maybe by schooltime again (next well) I'll be back to normal.
Gil & I went to Hall Galleries & saw the Crystal Room. You know, the beautiful blue one. And met some nice salesladies. And touched a $65.00 punch bowl and a tea pot which sells for $525.00 (five hundred), with our right hand."

Hall Galleries was the home goods section of Steiger's department store. It had furniture, china, chandeliers, an art gallery, a bridal registry, and so forth. Silver was showcased in the "Mahogany Room." The "Crystal Room" was a brilliantly-lit mirrored alcove full of pricey crystal. I was awed by it then and, despite my world travels, would probably be awed by it even today, if it still existed. The whole gorgeous art deco structure was knocked down in the late 90s and some bushes planted in its place. Thank you, wise city fathers, for demolishing it.

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