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Monday, February 04, 2008

Craniosacral Therapy

Tom Bianco is a licensed physical therapist whom I've interviewed on two separate occasions. Although he's in business for himself, he's got an office inside the YMCA ,very close to where I live. About his work I've heard nothing but good, so after my automobile accident I decided to pay him a visit. I've been receiving therapy twice a week at his clinic, Alternatives in Physical Therapy, since sometime in December.

After an evaluation, Tom gave me gentle exercises to do at home, and assigned me to his assistant, Mike, for twice-weekly courses of craniosacral therapy. This basically consists of lying on a table while Mike applies very light pressure, something like five grams, which is practically nothing, to my head and sometimes to my lower back. According to Tom, the function of the therapist is to help the body release restrictions – which it has been unable to overcome on its own – that inhibit the body’s normal, self-correcting tendencies.

Sounds a little out there. But I'm not a doctor or a therapist. All I know is, before the accident I was exercising, swimming, dancing, and so on and on. Now I'm an achy mess. If he can get me back to where I was before, I'll be a believer.

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Anonymous leslie wolfe said...

Last August, I was having pain from my neck radiating down my left arm, and causing my thumb to go numb. Not a good feeling, especially since the diabetes can cause neurapathy, which is serious, so the doctor sent me to the physical therapist. I opted to go, since my insurance would cover that bill, but not the chiropractor, and she did exactly what you described as 'craniosacral therapy'. I went twice a week, so she could hold my head in her hands and press on my neck bones, and even put me in 'traction' to stretch my spine! I wasn't impressed, and ended up at my chiropractor, on my own nickel, to get enough relief to consider it successful! Hope you are having better results!
Your favorite sister

3:22 PM  

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