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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kuhn Rikon Knife

One of my favorite Christmas presents was this cool little knife from my son Ali. He knows how much I like small, deadly-sharp knives for just about every kind of food prep. I've been known to use a long, serrated knife to slice bread, or a cleaver to whack a Hubbard squash in half. But for everything else, I always reach for the paring knife.

This one is carbon steel, and after being used all day, every day for a month, is still razor sharp. It's got a neat little plastic sheath, which protects both the blade and your fingers. It's got a nonstick finish that food doesn't cling to. Best of all, it's acid green. Open the silverware drawer, and this little knife calls out to you. Use ME! Use ME!

The "nonstick paring knife coloris" was designed by Philipp Beyeler, a talented young Swiss industrial designer in the employ of Kuhn Rikon. That company, located for 80 years in the Toss Valley of Switzerland, now has an outpost around the corner from me in Enfield, Connecticut. The knife itself is made in China. Ali picked it up at Williams-Sonoma down in Farmington, Connecticut. But the bottom line is, Little Green Knife is now in my kitchen in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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