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Thursday, December 06, 2007

To Deck or Not to Deck

Downtown Book Ladies met last night. I guess we spent fifteen minutes helping ourselves to wine and food, five minutes discussing the book, half an hour gossiping, and the rest of the evening discussing various aches and pains. The weather's a bitch and it feels good to grumble.

It was so unseasonably warm for so long this fall that it doesn't feel like the holiday season's upon us. I stay out of stores as much as possible, don't read the paper, watch TV, or listen to the radio, so I'm pretty much out of the loop anyway. Walking into Carol's cozy condo in the McIntosh building, I was surprised to see it fully decked out for Christmas. And boy, did it look adorable. When you've got a manageable space, good taste, and no pets, there's a lot you can do.

My usual modus operandi is to decorate on Christmas Eve, or very close to it, and leave everything in place till Epiphany. I'm flat out with work right now, not to mention flat broke, and Silvie's not going on any unnecessary errands until she gets her studded snow tires put on. But this little snow village gave me an irresistible desire to buy a ten-foot-tall live tree, get out my fifteen or so boxes of garlands and lights and ornaments, and deck my own halls.

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