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Sunday, July 30, 2006


One of the nicest things about living in downtown Springfield is the proximity to places like La Fiorentina, an Italian pastry shop and espresso bar in the South End. If you go into the espresso bar side, you'll find a case on the countertop with a few cheese or raspberry pastries in it to order with your coffee. Obviously, these are made on the bakery side. If you go over to the bakery side and try to order a few, however, not only do they not have them, but the clerk will give you a blank look like she doesn't know what you're talking about. So best to go early in the morning, when the bar is sure to have some still on hand.

Even better than the cheese danish--and they are to die for, the best in the city--are the sfogliatelle. Sfogliatelle are flaky, shell-shaped semolina pastries filled with ricotta cheese. Citrus-flavored, not too sweet. La Fiorentina's have bits of candied angelica in them. The sfogliatelle are only available at La Fiorentina on weekends. A huge treat for me is a Sunday morning stroll for cappuccino and sfogliatelle. If you can't be in Napoli, Roma, or Palermo for breakfast, La Fiorentina is an acceptable substitute. And as long as you stay inside, you might think you're actually in one of those other places.

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