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Monday, July 17, 2006

Hubcap Envy

Hubcaps for me are found art. I have dozens in my collection, all of them taken from the side of the road. Well, one was given to me by its owner...but not until it had fallen off the car by itself. For some reason, my friend didn't feel the necessity of putting it back on. It was living in the trunk anyway....he offered....so, I thought, why not?

My point is, I guess, that the thrill is in the hunt. I don't really lust after cool hubcaps that are still functioning as hubcaps. I collect them when they're roadside trash, and turn them into art.

At least that's what I thought I was doing, till I saw these today. Here are a set of hubcaps somebody has turned into art while they're still on the car. I don't know what possessed the owner to paint them plaid, but I'm envious. Covetous, to be precise.

All my fanciest hubcaps are on display. The more boring ones are piled up in various recesses, of which a Victorian house has many. So I'm thinking, maybe this gives me a direction to go in with all those boring Taurus hubcaps...?

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