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Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Curious Sofa

I just finished reading The Curious Sofa, a pornographic work by Ogdred Weary. Ogdred Weary, of course, is Edward Gorey, who frequently used various anagrams of his name. His car's license plate read "OGDRED."

I myself have several pen names, which, somewhat frighteningly, have taken on their own personae. It occurred to me that perhaps I, too, should be using anagrams. So I sat down today over tea and constructed a few:

Bitty Corcicle
Toby Criticcle
Cicco Bitterly
Cortley Bictic
Cobice Crittly
Clitbit Croyce
Citycib Colter
Celibitt Crocy
Criticle Bocty
Telco Cyrcilit
Bicci Cotterly
Britely Coccit
Tictoc Cribley

...it's rather addictive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As Phailer Flistrecho, I arrogantly believe myself immune to addictive behavior.

But as Tofer Laile Sphrich, I do have some concerns.

And as Father Illerp Chosi, I naturally forgive Phailer his arrogance.

7:37 PM  

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