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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Trenette al Pesto

I have a new cookbook, about which I'm fairly excited...The Greatest Dishes! by Anya von Bremzen. (She's one of the food editors at Travel and Leisure, and writes for other publications as well.) I picked it up and read the recipe for Persian chelo: totally authentic. I was sold.

I don't need anybody born in Russia, living in Queens, to tell me how to make chelo. But she'd won my trust, and I was curious what she had to say about the other 79 recipes in the book. One of which was pesto, a dish I'm very curious about.

Lots of good information here. "The proper basil for pesto is the basilico di Pra grown just west of Genova. Pra basil has small concave leaves and an aroma that is described by Ligurians as "lemony" rather than "minty"....Some of the favorite pastas for pesto include troffie...trenette...mandilli di saea...and pansotti....Most cooks, especially in Western Liguria, religiously degerm the garlic for fear of bitterness, since the garlic taste shouldn't be too pronounced....The oil, of course, is Ligurian extra-virgin." And so on and on.

Her recipe for trenette al pesto, genova-style, contains not only pasta and pesto, but boiled potatoes, green beans, heavy cream, and extra cheese. Guess what I'll be having for dinner tomorrow night? Or as soon as I can hunt down the trenette.


Anonymous Leslie said...

Thanks, Cicily, that sure was nice. She was such an awesome women, and I'm so proud of her. I still play with her set of playing cards, remember, a blue deck and a red deck, with the inscription: 'Make checks payable to 'Nifty" '. I love them!
Your favorite sister!

3:30 PM  

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