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Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Cool Present

Today I got an early Mother's Day gift from Ali and Amir--a pair of bar stools. I have a lot of stuff--more stuff than anyone I know, but one thing I've never had is a bar stool. I've had a bar for two and a half years, but no stools. Till today.

These stools have all the necessary features, as far as I'm concerned. They're pneumatic, so you can raise and lower them. They have footrests. They twirl! They're easy to keep clean. They have lots of shiny chrome, which matches all the hubcaps. And the seats, like the kitchen table, are the exact color of Intel's logo. Even though I no longer work for Intel, I'm still very loyal--to the color especially.

Ali assembled the bar stools, and then the boys tried them out. Amir spun until he nearly fell off from dizziness, and pronounced them awesome. So everybody's happy. But if they think they're going to sit on the stools while Mommy waits on them from the other side, they've got another think coming.



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