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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

White Christmas

I love miniature things, so I surprised myself by finding all the NYC Christmas window dioramas rather boring. Am I getting old and jaded? The period vignettes in Lord and Taylor's were beautifully done, I have to admit. Each window celebrated one sense--"taste" or "touch," for example. The craftsmanship and the detail were astounding, but...

...I much preferred the elegant mannequins in gossamer ivory designer gowns. That's my idea of a white Christmas.

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Blogger Christopher said...

In re window shopping, I'm reminded ofan episode in Gone With the Wind, or more especially in the notorious Carol Burnett parody thereof.

GWTW aficionados will recall that in her impoverished post-war condition, Scarlett is determined to continue to uphold appearances, and is resourceful enough to do so. Accordingly, she takes the curtains down off Tara's windows and makes herself an appropriately fashionable gown for receiving guests.

In the Carol Burnett version, the dress still has the curtain rod in it as she descends the famously spiral staircase. The rod is so positioned as, shall we say, to wildly accentuate her shoulders.

When Harvey Korman, playing Rhett, compliments Carol/Scarlett on this sartorial achievement, she replies,

... wait for it ...

"This old thing? I just saw it in the window and had to have it."

2:27 PM  

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