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Friday, November 16, 2007

Problematic Leaf Harvest

Well, the calendar says it's mid-November, but that's not what it looks like in my neighborhood. In the park behind my house especially, trees are still full of leaves. And not oak trees, either, which typically have brown leaves hanging on them till spring. Maples, which change color earlier than most other New England trees, are preponderant in the park, and they're still a blze of color. Some haven't even turned yet.

The city picks up leaves in barrels or in biodegradable paper bags every other week until December 1st. For a short time after Christmas, there's Christmas tree pickup as well. Then no more organic debris until spring. That schedule could pose a problem for the many city residents who are typical New England neat freak types and need to pick up and dispose of every last leaf. (One of my relatives gathers them up by hand. Another used to pull them off the trees before they could litter the lawn.) This year all the leaves won't be gettable by the end of this month--unless, following the example of him-who-shall-not-be-named, we get ladders and yank 'em before they're ready.



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