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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Is Your Mom Hot?

A few years ago, I was living in a little rented rathole with my teenaged son. He had his own room, but not his own computer. I was back in school, so I had turned what was supposed to be the dining room into a study. Two old bookcases, a table I had found by the side of the road, and sitting on it a Compaq Presario purchased from Sears. When I wasn't working or in class, I was in front of that machine. Amir could use it to chat, surf, or play games if I wasn't around.

One day I sat down to the computer and a message for my son popped up on the screen. Amir had left himself signed in. I typed, "this is not amir. this is his mom." Undeterred, the kid attempted to chat with me. I went and got my son, who messaged him back: "i can't chat now. my mom is using the computer." Immediately the message came back, "is your mom hot?"

I was annoyed at the little punk's audacity, as was my son. I demanded to know which of the faceless friends this kid was. Amir was quick to point him out the next time I saw his "crew" assembled. I forgot the kid's name as soon as I heard it...he will forever after, in this family at least, be "that kid who wants to know 'is your mom hot?'"

Today was Mother's Day, and I found this little bag on my computer when I got home, a gift from my older son and his girlfriend. I'll leave the contents to your imagination. Let it suffice to say that I was pleased with the gift. And even more pleased that, whatever anybody else thinks of me, my boys apparently still believe their mom is hot.



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