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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bottle Chandelier?

I am very interested in found objects: hubcaps, for example. A hubcap on a car is a utilitarian object; a hubcap on the side of the road is trash. A hubcap on a wall is art, or is at least making a claim to be.

Bottles are another such item. As a container for wine or some other liquid, a bottle is a useful object. After that, it's a recyclable at best; junk at worst. Unless it's reclaimed to lead another life as an object d'art.

Perhaps because I'm the lucky steward of a fifteen-foot-square stained glass window, I'm particularly interested in colored glass these days. I'm finding it hard to throw out any but the most uninspired clear bottle lately. I'm seeing visions of rose windows made of bottles, like the one I read about in The Most Beautiful House in the World. Or a patio surfaced with bottle bottoms. Or a bottle tree, like the ones that catch evil spirits down South. Or mulch made of fragments of tumbled glass, like some I noticed in Worcester last spring.

Here's a funky re-use for bottles, spotted at the Hampden House Café the other day. Unfortunately, it's kind of ugly. Not to mention a bit unnerving to sit under. I'm still not sure what the destiny of my collection will be, but it won't be a bottle chandelier.


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