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"Life is not a series of gig lamps symmetrically arranged; life is a luminous halo, a semi-transparent envelope surrounding us from the beginning of consciousness to the end." --Virginia Woolf

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Balance and Harmony

In my bedroom are two bears. Right now they're living on the mantel because I have a dog who likes to chew things. The bear with the purple bow is almost as old as I am. He's a Steiff bear, I believe. His name is Edward Peter John Brownie. I can't remember when I didn't have him. My sister liked cats, and had a stuffed cat she slept with for years. I had Brownie.

A few years ago, when it was just me and my youngest son, Amir, living together (we didn't have the dog yet, and Brownie was vacationing out of state), Amir gave me the other bear for Christmas, so I wouldn't be alone. Teddy has brought me a lot of luck, not to mention companionship.

According to the principles of feng shui, everything in a bedroom should be in pairs. So Brownie and Teddy sit up on the mantel, promoting balance and harmony in the household, discouraging isolation.


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